Thursday, September 22, 2011

Betting on Me!

One of those weeks where you just feel like everything is wrong and all the people in your life are to busy to listen. A week when you wake up in the morning and wonder what it is that you got to look forward to, especially when you turn the bathroom light on at 5am.

Well, I got an email on Monday and a few subsequent emails from someone that doesnt care for me in a the strongest terms. They believe they have reason to hate me, follow me, call me, track me down, continually email me and or talk bad about me. And even though I would love to sit down with the person and try to get them to talk about these feelings, I know that is never going to happen.

So, as the week has gone on and I have had to smile for clients and co-workers, I have come back around to the same conclusion I came to on May 3, 2010. My money is on me! Thats right, no matter what someone may think, feel or truly believe, I will not allow what someone thinks about me to define me or convince me that I am not
good. I have spent to many years helping and picking people up to start believing that anyone but GOD can judge me.

So, today my money is on me. I know who I am and I am greatful that only GOD can throw that stone at the glass house.

What are you greatful for?

BTW:Yes greatful is misspelled, you would have to go back to the beginning to see why!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Say YES!

How many of us say NO to everything?

As time has gone on I have found myself saying NO to lots of things but mostly to the usual things I used to do. I dont wanna go out with friends often, I dont wanna workout to much, I dont wanna go to the old movie theater, I dont, I dont, I dont.

Even though I have convinced myself that because I dont look a certain way or feel the same way Id rather be home. It is simply because I am lazy and afraid that things wont be as much fun as they were before. I keep thinking that it will be 1999 again and I will wake up from 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008. But hell no that is not going to happen.

I often have clients who say NO, they dont wanna look silly in the gym or they are afraid to change their diet in the shame of impending failure. Well, I have come to a conclusion the last few months. I need to get out more, do more and get back to the land of the living. Stop loving my couch and all the safe things I do and just
do what I should be doing and need to be doing.

So I say to you, say YES! Try new things, meet new people, live life, get outside.

Today I am greatful to say YES!
What are you greatful for?

PS-if yiou dont know why its spelled greatful and grateful on my blog, you havent read older entries:)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Giving Up!

Ever thought about giving up?

In the last 2 years there have been so many times that I have wondered if life would ever get better or even back to what used to be normal. I never wanted to accept that this was the new normal. Even as more and more personal problems were presented to me and I felt more and more alone, I wonder why I didnt give up.

I wonder today why I didnt give up. Dont get me wrong me there we many days and times when I thought whats the use or why bother. On those day I would often go and volunteer or look around and still realize that there were people in the world who had bigger struggles or larger challenges.

As 2011 rolls on and I am still taking baby steps thru the process of getting back to normal. I have begun to understand, this might be part of the new normal. That life can be a struggle, that I may always have tremendous challenges and that I will make it no matter what.

On the days where I have felt the most alone and still feel that way often. That I am taking on all these hurdles by myself, I have to come understand that no matter what happens I am not going to give up and that I will triumph over all that is presented.

Today I am greatful for not giving up, greatful for still believing, believing in me!
What are you greatful for?


PS- dont forget when the blog was started that Greatful was misspelled on purpose, u can read earlier posts to find out why.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Are You A Gossip?

Since I have been to hell and back the last couple of years I have come to realize that people really do love to gossip.

I believe that people love to be into other peoples lives becuase there is something missing in their own or because they are simply not nice people. I am talking about beyond lunch time chit chat, I am talking about all out, non stop broadcasting of your opinion on other people lives. Is this you?

Recently, like yesterday I was at the Kuhn Honda dealership and I ran into a big gossip about my life. Last week at the Hyde Park music fest I ran into several town gossips. What I find most interesting is that when the town gossip actually sees you and or has the opportunity to come over and ask you the real low down, they dont. They pretend not to see you. Well of course I have to go over and say hello and my new policy is to come right out and ask, is there anything you would like to know or anything I can clear up for you.

Because I will tell you exactly what it is, no filter and no bs. My life is an open book, I mean come on, have you not read this blog. So, next time you feel the need to gossip, go to the person you have targeted and ask them the news, that way you can make sure you are accurate.

God Bless!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Drinking and Driving

Did you ever realize that almost all of us drink alcohol and drive???

Well heres something maybe you didnt know, that you can take a cab and not kill
someone of yourself. Yes, its true, take a cab when drunk and yellow cab is free.
Wow, isnt that better than, losing you license, your car, your job and your freedom!

I have to say that I am greatful that I have never gotten pulled over after happy hour, not that I drink often, but yes every once in a while your favorite personal trainer does like Bethanny frankels margarita..LOL.

Well I bring this tidbit to you because it is a big party weekend and I am attempting not drink, text or talk on my phone and drive. Basically I will be the person sitting on the side of the road, texting, phoning and being honked at.

Be greatful that you still have all your priveldges in life. I know that my freedom is very valuable and I am greatful that God has been with me when I have been careless.

God Bless.

What are you Greatful for?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Shop in Tampa

I dont know if you have ever heard of a place called The Shop in Tampa?

The shop is a cool place I went to this morning to help and volunteer. I got there around 8am and was amazed at what I saw. The shop is a small office where anyone in Tampa who is in need can wash their clothes, use the phone, go online and receive advice for different services in Tampa.

This morning when I pulled up around 8am, there were about 50 people ready with their laundry, ready to use the phone and check their email. While I was there I met a wonderful African American gentlemen who I sat down with and asked the questions I always ask.

How did you get here? He was super nice and said he was a professional welder who had not been able to find steady work, had been doing some work but not enough to keep him going. He had been to a 2 year school, had once had a family and now is partially dependent on the county for a little help.

The bottom line is that I have really enjoyed bringing you some of the stories of the homeless and underemployed these last few months and have really loved meeting amazing Americans that give a face to what is becoming frequent in America.

Lastly, I want to say that while I was there I overheard a phone a Latina mom was making to her 2 daughters and while she cried and told them to be strong, that she loved them, she kept telling them, Mama will be home soon, Mama will be home soon.
I dont know why she cant go home but I pray she gets there.

I am greatful for the opportunity to tell you about these people in America.
What are you greatful for?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sassy and Fat and God?

Mary Mary, today I ran into Mary at the gym. Slightly older, tall, good looking lady who I have gotten to know a little at the gym over the years. I had not seen her for over a year.

Well, I had not seen her because I wasnt there. She was, I wasnt. As she strolled in for her early morning weights and stretch class, she came over in her deep southern drawl and said hello and smiled and stopped to shoot the breeze. I told Mary that she looked great and she said she was fat and sassy. Of course she is like 5'9 and 120lbs, definitely not fat. But in her deep fried chicken drawl way she was being disarming and charming as usual.

Mary is also a deeply religious woman and as she was stopping to chat with me for 2 minutes. I was reminded of just how amazing it can be, when someone just comes over, says hello, asks how you are, where you have been and really means it. You see, fat and sassy and deeply religious all go together. Mary never has a bad word to say about anyone and she always smiles. I wonder how she got this way. But actually I dont, I know how. She has faith, she believes and she cares. Mary, should be all of us.

So today I vow to be little nicer and kinder, fatter and sassier and go up to someone and ask how they are, stop and listen and care. I am greatful for Mary.

What are you greatful for?